Vancouver Asian Film Festival

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If anyone missed the screening of Death Note at UBC, Vancouver, the Vancouver Asian Film Festival will be screening it this Friday night only at Tinseltown Theatres!

Check out the website (link provided below), look for the Program called "Japanese Cinema: Death Note 1"
The Vancouver Asian Film Festival starts tomorrow!

Thursday, Nov. 1st - Sunday, Nov. 4th
Tinseltown Theatres

Highlights of the four-day festival:
-Directors in attendance
-Two great panel discussions
-41 films by North American-Asian filmmakers
-Hosted by local acting talents


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Tickets are now available from the VAFF website: http://www.vaff.org/festival

For a complete schedule, please visit the website.

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Death Note Movie Screenings @ UBC

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I'm sure someone has already touched on this subject, but I thought I'd just post the flyer and some more information.
In Vancouver at UBC, they are having a screening of the two Death Note movies, with subs.

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Just comment if you have any questions.

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Anime Expo newest guest announcements!

Like the Death Note anime?

Death Note anime director, Tetsuro Araki,
and character designer, Masaru Kitao, are
newest announced Guest of Honor for Anime Expo.


Anime Expo was officially posted it on they website...

It looks like the are also going to show both live action movies :D
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Watch Death Note on the big screen!

WHO:       2007 Newport Beach Film Festival

WHAT:    Death Note 1 & 2 (live action) Film Screenings

  Saturday, April 21 3:30 pm (Death Note 1)
                Saturday, April 22 8:30 pm (Death Note 2)
                Tuesday, April 24 4:00 pm  (Death Note 1)
                 Wedesnday, April 25 4:00 pm (Death Note 2)

WHERE:  Fashion Island Edwards Island Cinema & Regency Lido Theater, Newport Beach, Calif.

Also, don't miss this year's Asian Spotlight Event  featuring screenings of “Exiled”(China), “Always,” (Japan) and “Tazza: The High Rollers,” (Korea) followed by a post-screening party at American Rag with a hosted bar by Absolut and Karl Strauss Beer,  premium wine provided by W.J. Deutsch & Sons Wines, as well as a live DJ.

For more information about the Death Note screenings, the Asian Spotlight event, or OTHER Asian films that will be screened, contact me (leave a comment) or visit us on the web at www.newportbeachfilmfest.com